7 Tips and Tricks for your Bridal Beauty Routine

Hey TBP brides,

This post is about beauty and as a bride to be, certainly, you want to look impeccable not only on your wedding day. Below you can find 7 tips and tricks, The Bridal Project' s team has put together during a private makeup class with MACA SOTO. Maca is a renowned Venezuelan makeup artist, based in Miami, whose clients include; Chiqui Delgado,  Sasha Fitness, and Michelle Lewin. She is a real professional and will bring out the natural beauty in every woman. TBP brides, she will make you shine.


HYDRATE YOUR SKIN - Especially in summer, the warm weather dries out your skin. It is necessary to hydrate and prepare your skin before applying makeup. Look for water boosting products, don't go for the heavy base but instead for a gel. And of course don' t forget to drink a lot of water.  

PREPARE YOUR SKIN - Always start with a primer for a flawless canvas. It will prepare the skin and will help your makeup stay on longer.

CHOSE THE CORRECT COLOR - Choose the base, corrector, and powder according to the color of your skin. Match the color to the tone of your neck, chest, and forehead. Discover what color suits you best; yellow-orange based. Once you find it, stick to it in all of your base products. 

GET YOUR SKIN BRONZED - Give your face a little touch of sun. With a large brush apply your bronzer or contour to the hallows of your cheek, on the upper forehead, and on your chin. Use preferably a matte bronzer, so that your face does not look too shiny.

LET YOUR SKIN GLOW - Use the illuminator for the upper areas of your face, to get a more natural look. Do avoid applying it on your T- zone. Apply instead right on your cheek bones, possibly on your nose to make it look straighter, and slightly under your nose and chin to make the lips look bigger. 

LESS IS MORE - If you want to go for natural beauty, forget the smokey eye look. Instead, use lighter and natural colors which go well with your skin tone. Bring your makeup to a perfection by using an illuminator, bronzer, and perfect eye brows. 

USE TRENDY COLORS - Metallic colors are in, so have fun with them. Karat gold, true pewter, copper rose or aged bronze? Tell us what is your favorite and don' t forget less is more.

We have also put together a selection of products we absolutely LOVE and think you too should try. Contact us for more information or if you are interested for a private makeup session. TBP Brides you won't regret it! 

Happy Birthday!.jpg

Compact Powder, Bronze&Glow Duo, Primer by Charlotte Tilbury,  Concealer by Tarte, Makeup Drops by Cover FX...

Designer YolanCris is coming Soon

Dear TBP Brides,

great news for all boho-chic and hippie-chic brides, who are free-spirited and who love lace. Gather your family and friends and listen closely. A collection that all of our non traditional, bohemian, unique brides have been waiting for, has come to Miami. We are happy to announce that our showroom will be carrying a unique selection of YolanCris bohemian wedding gowns and accessories. This boho chic collection has been inspired by 70's fashion and boho folk trend and will be exclusively available at The Bridal Project Miami.  If you have yet to come across the brand here is a bit of information to keep you in the loop.

YolanCris is based in Barcelona and specializes in haute couture wedding dresses and evening wear. This is a brand owned by two women who are sisters. In 2005 they decided to bring their dream to life. This is when they created their brand and turned towards natural and authentic women.

What is unique about the brand is that every design and YolanCris creation is hand-crafted and created with high quality European fabrics. To add to the uniqueness, every detail is studied minutely with passion.

YolanCris is a brand that is forever changing the face of bridal. Why? Because they are not afraid to grow and change. Their innovation is continuously growing, which is important in the fashion world. The brand is looking forward to the successful future, with one foot in the present and a strong step forward. -YolanCris

If you are the kind of bride who loves change and is not afraid of going above and beyond what bridal is “suppose” to be. Well then you are the bohemian chic bride, you are  YolanCris bride.

Be sure you are part of our newsletter, as we will be announcing a YolanCris Trunk Show soon. Here you can get more information about our unique selection of YolanCris wedding dresses. 

The images above toke place at The Modern Bride fashion Show. Hosted by The Gibson Guitar. Featuring Maria D'Ocon latest collection. With special LIVE performance by Juan Felipe Samper. 

Thank you to all Partners involved: Modern Luxury Miami, Modern Luxury Weddings SFLMiami International University of Art & Design, FGI South Florida

Thank you to all Sponsors involved: MG EventsXixón Spanish Restaurant, EstrellaBarton & Guestier France, Core Hydration, Gannon Events, She is She, Shanin Arce,  Tolga Kavut, Style SavesBrooke Sealey, Yasmin Barroso, Aaliyah Tee MuaThe Suite Spot, Zoe G. 


The Modern Bride Fashion Show

Dear our lovely TBP Brides, 

The Bridal Project presents the ultimate fashion show featuring our in store exclusive bridal gowns and accessories by well-known worldwide bridal designers: YolanCris, Carol Hannah, and Anna Campbell. With an exclusive showcase of emerging bridal designer Maria D’Ocon, a young talent from the University of Art and Design in Miami. Maria D ́Ocon will be featuring her very first bridal collection titled “The Modern Bride” Spring/Summer 2018, which will be available exclusively at our showroom located in Wynwood.

The Bridal Project partners up with Fashion Group International South Florida, Modern Luxury Weddings, Modern Luxury Miami, and Miami University of art and Design to reveal the latest, never seen before, bridal industry trends. This will be a bridal experience brought to the next level. Get to know our vision and mission, and get the opportunity to hear the latest trends in the bridal industry from renowned professionals. In addition to this you will have the opportunity to visit The Bridal Project ́s one of a kind showroom. 

The Modern Bride Fashion Show event will be hosted at the Gibson Guitar showroom by invitation only, with more than 200 guests that will enjoy this unique bridal experience. We are proud to have a Special Guest: Juan Felipe Samper, performing his new single LIVE “Pensando en Ti” Benefitting: Style Saves. More information about the show you can find here:


Maria D’Ocon is a one of a kind designer from Barcelona, Spain who is recreating the fashion industry that started with a dream to design wearable art. She created her first collection based off the aesthetic themes of nature, patterns, and Spanish traditions. That collection was later selected to be showcased in NYFW 2016. D’Ocon prides her designs to a unique piece of craftsmanship that not only can be worn on just your wedding day. Each of her dresses are beautifully tailored to a unique and sophisticated design. The designs go from crepes, Chantilly laces, Spanish embroiders, to silk fabrics, for a bride who wants a sophisticated style while retaining a fresh and natural look. More looks you can find here.

Event by invitation only! For tickets. please contact us directly at info@thebridalproject.com


Anna Campbell Trunk Show Experience

Dear TBP brides,

This post will be all about Anna Campbell and her breathtaking vintage wedding dresses. The Bridal Project is honored to have the opportunity to carry Anna Campbell collections exclusively in our store and bring their uniqueness to Miami. As a store, we admire the fact that we get the opportunity to provide brides with something extraordinarily different. We have the chance to show brides near and far something different and this is all thanks to Anna Campbell.

As a team, The Bridal Project had the opportunity to travel and work at the Anna Campbell’s headquarters. We got to know the brand inside and out in order to transmit to TBP brides every detail of Ana Campbell’s work.

The Bridal Project team thanks, all brides who came out during our first Ana Campbell Trunk Show. Our brides had the exclusive opportunity to see almost the entire selection of Anna Campbell´s gowns. This included a trying on the session, where the brides were able to feel and experience these vintage, modern wedding dresses. However, if you did not have the chance to come out and see us don’t worry. With every TBP appointment, the experience is unlike no other. We will accommodate any request you may have to make your experience worth your while. You can book an appointment with us right here: 

The Bridal Project team would like to once again thank all the brides who spent this beautiful moment with us. We had a wide selection of the Anna Campbell´s collection available that weekend as well as many accessories. Champagne was passed out to make the experience that much better. To top it off we had a media/press session with the top professionals from industry. Our guests had the chance to get first look into Anna Campbell’s latest wedding dress selection. A professional photographer was in the store providing guests with a look into a real photo shoot where the models were wearing the dresses. It was an unforgettable night. You can see our models in action. 

Thanks to all Partners involved: Photographer: Patricia Dash, Revery Weddings, Event Planner: AffinityEventCreative, Makeup: Godiva Beauty, Models: Jaz Avery and Lourdese Marzigliano


Opening Party Remember

Dear TBPbrides,

We are proud to present our first Carol Hannah Trunk Show video. The bridal project had the opportunity to be surrounded by many talented and inspiring people. Beautiful brides with their family and friends, the best local vendors (mentioned below), and our fabulous TBP team.  We especially would like to dedicate this video to all the brides who came to visit the store during the first quarter of being opened. We really appreciated all of the support during the beginning stages. Thank you for letting us be part of your wedding preparation journey. TBP is very grateful you chose us as your non-traditional wedding dress destination.  

Those of you who attended the Trunk Show got the opportunity to see our exclusive showroom. This was located in the breathtaking, iconic Dorissa building of Miami. The incredible experience was accompanied by a glass of champagne, a unique selection of wedding dresses, and original accessories. The best part of the experience is that the designer Carol Hannah herself was present during the Trunk Show as well as the opening party. To add to the unique experience we had MG Events Catering who provided special tapas, Dj Grant from Ganon Studios who made the atmosphere feel lively with his unique music and Affinitycreative made this incredible event happen. Thank you!

Our partners: MG Event,s Ganon Studios, AffinityCreative, Edka Beauty, Kiss this makeup, La Feterie, Thalita Pascual, EatLiveNutrition, BlueOrchidEventDesign, DiEvento, ChefPaty,  AndreaHelfer Photography and Joel Barrios Videography. 


Thalita Pascual, exclusively for The Bridal Project

Hey TBP Bride,

It’s official and the is date set. You are getting married! :) What an incredible experience it is, but along the way the stress kicks in. Expectations and all the work can overwhelm a bride’s state of mind. Yet you should be enjoying and having fun all the way through and down the aisle. 

But wait, there is some good news here. The Bridal Project, in collaboration with Thalita Pascual, certified PT & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, have set the guidelines below, exclusively for all our #TBPbrides.  After all it’s the most important day of your life and we believe you should cherish and celebrate it, every step of the way.


EXERCISE- This is a MUST. Exercise will give you more energy, boost happiness, make you sleep better, increase self confidence, and increase your immunity so when the big day comes you are ready to Rock & ROLL!!!

MEDITATE- This is a great way to calm your mind. It nurtures higher levels of clarity, harmony, and joy. Meditation can be done in so many different ways and if it’s something new to you, I advise to start it off short and simple, and with guidance. Search for meditation groups or a workshop to get you started.

EAT RIGHT- Stress levels and a proper diet are closely related. When you’re overwhelmed, you often forget to eat well, instead you reach out for sugary, fatty foods as an escape. Try to avoid this and plan your meals ahead of time. A diet that consists in wholesome foods have been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress and provide an overall better quality of life.

DRINK HERBAL TEA- It’s full of antioxidants, improves immune system, relaxes the mind and soul, and helps with digestion. It’s a great way to detox. Get thirsty and drink it up.

CALL A FRIEND- Think of “a friend”. The one that will be there for you ALL along the way. It’s important to have a support system, during this special time, so that when it gets a little rough you know you’re not alone.

TREAT YOURSELF- Go get a massage, pedicure, and/or eyebrows. Treating yourself to experiences that will make you feel pampered and looking good will boost your confidence levels, and we all know nothing gets in the way of a confident woman.

LAUGH IT OFF- Laughter releases endorphins that decreases levels of the stress-causing hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Laughing tricks your nervous system into making you happy. So don’t be shy and laugh your way through.


Did you find it interesting? Now you have a chance to win a free personal training session here. 

We Create Experiences,

Thalita Pascual for The Bridal Project 

Anna Campbell Trunk Show

Hi TBP Bride!

Happening right now and throughout the weekend, the event for all modern, bohemian, free-spirited, and sweet brides, who wish to find a dress like no other. We are so honored to be able to be the only bridal boutique in Miami to showcase Anna Campbell´s entire collection.

We've traveled to Anna Campbell´s flagship store in Melbourne to get hands-on experience. Now we want to transmit that same unique experience we have had in Australia, to our brides here in Miami. Anna Campbell´s vintage inspired dresses are simply breathtaking, timeless, elegant, renowned for their intricacy and stunning embellishment. You will not find something similar to them anywhere else...

This Trunk Show is focused on Ana's latest collection, Ceremony. It was inspired by the designer´s own wedding and now all brides have the opportunity to try on the entire collection. The attention to detail, quality, and all the incredible beading, is all handmade in Melbourne with love. Our brides can rest assured that their dress will have all the extra attention and love they deserve. 

Enjoy a complimentary makeup session and 10% off your entire purchase during the event.

We wish this moment can last forever but these dresses won't be here for long so if you're in the South Florida area, you won't want to miss it! There are still a few appointments available, book here now, or you may email us at info@thebridalproject.com.

The Bridal & Event Show + The Bridal Project

Hi TBP Brides!

We're elated about all the exciting projects we've been working on and we are very excited to be participating in a beautiful event, along with all our modern brides! This is not the typical bridal expo. Among this beautiful location, are carefully handpicked experts from the industry. The brides will have a great experience. Join us this upcoming Sunday, February 19th, from 4-8PM at the Ancient Spanish Monastery. The event is meant for brides-to-be to seek out the best local wedding planners, florists, cake artists, retailers and more for your wedding day. We've been partnering with the mastermind behind this event, DeAnna McIntosh from Affinity Events Creative for some time now. 

The Bridal Event Show at The Spanish Monastery by @patriciadashphotography

The Bridal Event Show at The Spanish Monastery by @patriciadashphotography

We will be showcasing our unique bridal dresses, at the monastery. You will have the opportunity to see vintage inspired wedding gowns and accessories by Anna Campbell along with whimsical flowing wedding dress creations by Carol Hannah.  Brides will get to know our fabulous TBP Team in person, and will be able to browse through the entire collection of our modern wedding dresses and also will be able to sign up for an appointment in our cozy Wynwood showroom.  Additionally, all brides have the option to participate in a price draw for a personal training session or a month of nutritional guidance with Thalita Pascual, who we collaborate with for our personal training and nutrition needs. 

The digitally-based event also allows you to access your prizes and vendor information via an app so that you can locate us directly. Join us at this ultimate bridal show and check out our unique bridal offering! We can't wait to meet you all!

Tickets are still available for purchase. Get yours now: http://www.thebridalandeventshow.com/tickets

Trunk Show | Carol Hannah

Hi TBPbrides! 

A couple weeks ago we hosted our very first trunk show with our whimsical bridal designer Carol Hannah! The Southern gal whose design house is located in NYC, escaped the cold winter to catch some rays and debut her unique wedding dress collection with our beautiful brides in Miami. To say it was magical is an understatement!


We opened our doors with Carol Hannah because she embodies exactly what we want our brides to feel, at The Bridal Project. We carry unique and modern bridal dresses. Our bridal options are for the unconventional bride so you will see some non-traditional styles in our boutique. However, we are aware the marriage is a tradition that speaks to many walks of life. We want to cater to those fashion forward brides who want to be original in her style with a vintage, indie or boho feel.  We aim to have fun, reinvent and ensure each bride has the best experience with us! 

Carol Hannah  (left)  with boutique owner Martina Mikova. 

Carol Hannah (left) with boutique owner Martina Mikova. 

We wanted to make this event extra special. Our brides were greeted by a crew of selected vendors from the wedding industry who were open to assist them with any of their event needs. Anywhere from personal training, nutrition, florists, DJ´s and photographers.  We have you covered! 

Next, our brides were smoothly transitioned to a relaxed atmosphere with a glass of champagne and feel good music. Then they were pampered with a make-up session prior to their appointment to look fresh for their first fitting.  During the appointment, brides were provided fresh exotic bouquets. We saw a few tears when brides saw this complete look imagining themselves as if it were the big day! Our rock-star stylists, who we are absolutely grateful for, made the experience for our brides effortless and most of all, fun!

We were certainly elated by fitting our brides in classic pieces such as the Kensington Skirt and new Miami favourites Coralia and Oceane. Having the creative designer gracing us with her presence was a delightful experience. She genuinely loves all her brides; as do we! What we adore about Carol Hannah is the attention to detail and how innovative she is when selecting unconventional fabrics and colours. She really pushes the envelope for the modern bride! Curious to see more? Check for our unique selection of dresses here.  They are exclusively available at The Bridal Project in Miami, Florida. 

Our weekend long trunk show ended too soon but we had an amazing Grand Opening after party which we will share with you on our next post. Look up for our next events here.

Big thanks goes to our incredible partners: Edka Beauty, Kiss this makeup, La Feterie, Thalita Pascual, EatLiveNutrition, BlueOrchidEventDesign, DiEvento, ChefPaty, and AndreaHelfer Photography. 


The Bridal Project´s very first Selection of Wedding Dresses

After intensive research and many months of preparation, The Bridal Project Team is delighted to announce the first exclusive Designers to be brought on-board.  Anna Campbell and Carol Hannah Dresses and Accessories will be available at our Boutique in Miami this Fall. We travelled to New York and Melbourne to get to know these wonderful designers in person, and gain a better understanding of their Wedding Collections first-hand.  We learned about the fabrics, styles and colors and with their help, we eventually selected the very best pieces for our location in Miami. We decided upon a wide variety of styles, as we want to be sure every bride will find the best fit for her. 

Anna Campbell´s Bridal Collection

Anna Campbell´s Bridal Collection

Interested? You can already book an appointment in our contact section. And don´t worry, if you see a specific dress that we don´t currently have in stock, we can organize a rental for a short period of time, so you can try it on.  Just get in touch, and we can have it ready for you in time. This is just the beginning, there will be more beautiful collections coming soon!