Maria D’Ocon is a one of a kind designer from Barcelona, Spain who is recreating the fashion industry that started with a dream to design wearable art. Her creativity and passion for fashion design has always been within her, and was unleashed when she landed her first internship at Pronovias, the prestigious bridal house in Barcelona.
Shortly after, the fire of her passion was enlightened, she created her first collection based off the aesthetic themes of nature, patterns, and Spanish traditions. That collection was later selected to showcase in NYFW New YorkFashion Week 2016.

D’Ocon’s prides her designs to a unique piece of craftsmanship that can be worn more than once, and not just your wedding day. Each Maria D’Ocon dress is beautifully tailored to a unique and sophisticated design. The designs go from crepes, chantilly laces, Spanish embroideries, to silk fabrics, for a bride who wants a sophisticated style while retaining a fresh and natural look.

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