Opening Party Remember

Dear TBPbrides,

We are proud to present our first Carol Hannah Trunk Show video. The bridal project had the opportunity to be surrounded by many talented and inspiring people. Beautiful brides with their family and friends, the best local vendors (mentioned below), and our fabulous TBP team.  We especially would like to dedicate this video to all the brides who came to visit the store during the first quarter of being opened. We really appreciated all of the support during the beginning stages. Thank you for letting us be part of your wedding preparation journey. TBP is very grateful you chose us as your non-traditional wedding dress destination.  

Those of you who attended the Trunk Show got the opportunity to see our exclusive showroom. This was located in the breathtaking, iconic Dorissa building of Miami. The incredible experience was accompanied by a glass of champagne, a unique selection of wedding dresses, and original accessories. The best part of the experience is that the designer Carol Hannah herself was present during the Trunk Show as well as the opening party. To add to the unique experience we had MG Events Catering who provided special tapas, Dj Grant from Ganon Studios who made the atmosphere feel lively with his unique music and Affinitycreative made this incredible event happen. Thank you!

Our partners: MG Event,s Ganon Studios, AffinityCreative, Edka Beauty, Kiss this makeup, La Feterie, Thalita Pascual, EatLiveNutrition, BlueOrchidEventDesign, DiEvento, ChefPaty,  AndreaHelfer Photography and Joel Barrios Videography.