Thalita Pascual, exclusively for The Bridal Project

Hey TBP Bride,

It’s official and the is date set. You are getting married! :) What an incredible experience it is, but along the way the stress kicks in. Expectations and all the work can overwhelm a bride’s state of mind. Yet you should be enjoying and having fun all the way through and down the aisle. 

But wait, there is some good news here. The Bridal Project, in collaboration with Thalita Pascual, certified PT & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, have set the guidelines below, exclusively for all our #TBPbrides.  After all it’s the most important day of your life and we believe you should cherish and celebrate it, every step of the way.


EXERCISE- This is a MUST. Exercise will give you more energy, boost happiness, make you sleep better, increase self confidence, and increase your immunity so when the big day comes you are ready to Rock & ROLL!!!

MEDITATE- This is a great way to calm your mind. It nurtures higher levels of clarity, harmony, and joy. Meditation can be done in so many different ways and if it’s something new to you, I advise to start it off short and simple, and with guidance. Search for meditation groups or a workshop to get you started.

EAT RIGHT- Stress levels and a proper diet are closely related. When you’re overwhelmed, you often forget to eat well, instead you reach out for sugary, fatty foods as an escape. Try to avoid this and plan your meals ahead of time. A diet that consists in wholesome foods have been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress and provide an overall better quality of life.

DRINK HERBAL TEA- It’s full of antioxidants, improves immune system, relaxes the mind and soul, and helps with digestion. It’s a great way to detox. Get thirsty and drink it up.

CALL A FRIEND- Think of “a friend”. The one that will be there for you ALL along the way. It’s important to have a support system, during this special time, so that when it gets a little rough you know you’re not alone.

TREAT YOURSELF- Go get a massage, pedicure, and/or eyebrows. Treating yourself to experiences that will make you feel pampered and looking good will boost your confidence levels, and we all know nothing gets in the way of a confident woman.

LAUGH IT OFF- Laughter releases endorphins that decreases levels of the stress-causing hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Laughing tricks your nervous system into making you happy. So don’t be shy and laugh your way through.


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We Create Experiences,

Thalita Pascual for The Bridal Project