The Bridal Project welcomes French designer Laure de Sagazan to our Miami boutique


Here, at The Bridal Project, we pride ourselves on giving future brides the most exceptional experience, from the minute you step thru the door till the day of the ceremony. We have a big commitment to you, and to the designers we represent, and because of that, we take a hands-on approach to understand the brands we work with and their product. So you can rest assured we’ll be delivering the designers’ amazing creations to you, just as if you were meeting with the designer in person.

Following up with that promise, today we are looking forward to sharing a wonderful trip we took to New York, to spend time with our newest addition, French designer Laure de Sagazan. She is one of the most chic designers to come from Europe. Her style, synonymous with elegance, delicateness, poesy, and quality, arrives in Miami with the acclaimed stamp of ‘made in France’.



The brand Laure de Sagazan was born in 2011. After having graduated from fashion school, Laure worked as a designer for a well-known international firm in Paris. Little did she know that she would end up branching out into the world of bridal gowns. Since then, silky silhouettes, elegant translucent fabrics, high-quality fabrics, and high quality workmanship have contributed to crafting a reputation of artisanal work that’s respected internationally.


Laure finds that in her love for history, poetry, theater, and art, different inspirations for her line of wedding gowns arise. She loves all things vintage and the roaring 20s, where women set trends and made a social statements through fashion. She takes inspiration from the 50s, the age of luxurious brands, the creation of comfortability, and the introduction of new materials, and to the 80s, characterized by off-the-shoulder cuts, and loose, flowy dresses. Her grandmother also inspired her very much. Laure looks for fabrics in old photographs and documents and brings them back to the present, recreating and adapting them to current times.

Laure de Sagazan works with exclusive producers on the smallest of details, from the type of lace to the type of embroidery and color. Their approach to textile choices is interesting and unique, as she not only designs the wedding gowns but the fabrics and embroideries too, using nothing but the best garments and techniques available.


During our private visit to Laure de Sagazan’s studio, in New York, we had the opportunity to work hand in hand with the boutique manager and their assistants. Not only is the customer service top-notch, but everything in the store, including the cozy atmosphere makes the experience all the more pleasing for the clients.

Their amazing attention to detail allows Laure de Sagazan to continue her dress-making legacy. Bohemian and chic in conception, and sophisticated in execution, they embody the elegance every woman dreams about for their wedding day.



Laure de Sagazan provides brides with the extra confidence that they are investing in a timeless and unique piece, that will stand the test of time. Garments appear as marvelous on the interior as on the exterior, using silk and other fine textiles. Their process of fabrication is so impeccable that even if brides tried to wear their gowns inside out, they would still look amazing in them!

The way Laure de Sagazan designs is just as enchanting. She puts together the idea of the dress she has conceived, on paper, along with ideas for possible materials. With the drawing in hand, she lets the dressmakers work on a prototype with more simple fabrics, to see what her creations would appear like on a real bride. In other cases, Laure submits every detail about the design, including how to "build" it. In total, it can take up to 5 to 7 months to prepare the whole collection can come together and reach their final version.



It’s easy to understand why Laure de Sagazan is among the most sought-after creators, in the bridal world. Which is the exact reason why we are bringing this marvelous designer, exclusively, to our Miami boutique, where we now feature a wide range of dresses from her latest collections.

We fell in love with Laure de Sagazan the minute we discovered their designs. If you too believe that timeless allure of French couture, with draping and unusual romantic patterns, is the perfect description for your wedding gown, Laure de Sagazan was made for you. Don' t miss our first Laure de Sagazan' s Trunk Show in March (9-15). Book your appointment now and join us in welcoming her to The Bridal Project.