Unique Twists on a Classic Event:
How to Throw a Themed Wedding

Today's bride has a different perspective when it comes to saying "I do". Long gone are the traditional wedding scenes with formal vows and dinner and dancing to follow. The modern bride is looking to add a little more fun and pizazz to the matrimonial process. Themed weddings are rising in popularity across the globe as a way to create this added fun element to the party. The challenges previously faced with the themed concept have been eliminated as vendors are beginning to accommodate this growing trend.

If you're interested in hosting a themed wedding, work with a wedding planner to define your vision and establish a theme that is meaningful and relevant to you and your mate. From there, you can really begin to sketch out the details for your fairy-tale day. In this article you'll discover how to choose that perfect theme, how to set the scene, and how to select all the details for carrying out your master plan!


Choosing a Theme

Identifying a theme can be the hardest part of the planning process. Your theme can be general or extremely specific, but you will definitely want your theme to reflect something personal to you and your spouse. For example, if you and your fiancé met on a cruise it might be fun to do a tropical island-themed wedding. Similarly, if you bonded over your love of Harry Potter, selecting a whimsical wizard theme might float your boat. No matter what your story, you'll want to select a theme that is near and dear to your heart. This makes the planning process much more personal and fun. You'll find it much easier to be crafty and creative if you choose a theme that reflects your personality and style. If nothing comes to mind right away, try taking a wedding style quiz to see what might be a great fit. Your results will offer you insight into the wedding style that best meets your vision and can serve as a compass for pointing you in the right direction.

The quiz is a great starting point, but there are lots of additional resources when it comes to finding an inspiration for your wedding theme. Pinterest and Etsy are two of the most popular online inspiration shops for parties of all shapes and sizes. These online resources will help you draft a few clever ideas for your decor and other wedding details. The sites should help you identify whether there are enough crafty ideas to fully execute your established theme. 

If you're still struggling with your theme selection, check out some of the amazing wedding theme lists you can find online. This extensive list is sure to offer something that will match your needs and you may discover a new theme that fits perfectly with your story. 

After you've done your research and identified a theme, it's time to prepare all the little details for your big day! You'll want to sketch out a timeline and checklist for accomplishing everything. Having the perfect checklist in place will serve as a nice road map as you navigate your special day. You can always add or omit pieces from your list to better suffice your needs and budget. Now it's time to move on to the fun stuff!


Setting the Scene

The best way to set the tone for the day is to craft invitations that clearly reflect the expectations and atmosphere for your party. Your invites should clearly identify your theme so your guests know how to dress and participate in the festivities. Clearly communicate your desires for the theme and ask guests to contribute as much as possible. Your invite should include graphics and images that reflect your theme and should also include information about the venue, timeline, and attire. If applicable, you might also encourage guests to contribute a certain type of gift that matches your vision for the day.

You'll also want to choose a venue that is suitable for your theme. However, unless you have a theme that is centered around a specific location, you might opt for a venue that is neutral and provides a blank canvas. This will allow you to incorporate decor and other details related to your theme with ease. You won't have to worry using the venue's props or decor if you choose a more laid back and neutral space.


Picking the Dress

Choosing a dress for your wedding day is one of the most emotional moments of the entire process. Your dress can also make or break your theme, so make sure you do your research and choose wisely! You'll want to do a thorough analysis and maybe poll a few of your trusted friends and family members for opinions on dress options. 

Each dress shop will offer a variety of dress options and magazines that suit a wide range of wedding visions. Here are some of the more popular themes and the dress trends that go along with them. 

  1. Vintage Wedding- The vintage wedding is classic and timeless and will include dress selections with lots of lace, layers, and satin. This style is usually reserved for the more traditional bride who wants a classic, old-school feel. You'll want to research designs from the era you're trying to mimic and incorporate these elements into your dress and bouquet. 
  2. Culturally Centered Themes- If you're shooting for a wedding that includes elements from a unique culture, you'll want to read up on the traditions of the culture. Each culture offers a unique set of traditions and garments for the wedding day that might deviate from the American norm. Make sure you get all the details right and don't skimp on the pieces that will complete the outfit and really reflect the values of the culture.
  3. Whimsical Trends- The whimsical theme looks and feels like a fairy tale. Dress styles usually include large billowing ball gowns with beaded tops and accessories and large dramatic trains. You'll also want to incorporate lots of princess-style accessories like a tiara or diamonds. This will make your wedding feel like a fantasy land and will really accentuate your whimsical theme. 
  4. Rustic/Country Themes- The rustic barnyard wedding feel is extremely popular and will include more simple dresses often embellished with lace and ribbons. You'll want to add a bit of elegance and femininity to this tomboyish look by including subtle hints of sparkle and shine. You can do this via an embellished belt, simple bracelet and earrings, or by adding some bling to your bouquet.

Additional DetailS

Now that you've got the three biggest items out of the way (theme, dress, and venue) you'll want to carve out some time for ironing out the little details that will complete the event. The smallest details and gestures will make all the difference in effectively executing your themed wedding, so don't skimp on your research. Your guests will certainly take notice and you'll fall in love with your theme all over again as you plan out the rest of your special day. Here are a few of the additional details you'll want to use as props for your theme: 

  1. Food- Food and drinks are the best part of the night for a lot of guests. Your food, appetizers, cocktails and dessert are a great way to further highlight your wedding theme. Pick an assortment of foods that blend nicely with your chosen landscape. For example, if hosting a country-western theme, consider having barbecue or deep-fried country cooking as your main meal. Similarly, if you're having a Hawaiian-themed wedding, consider incorporating some of the traditional Hawaiian luau foods like pork, pineapple and mai tais. No matter what your theme, there are a host of food options that will help you spread your vision throughout the night.
  2. Favors- You should always honor your guests with a small party favor as a token of appreciation for sharing your special day with you. Your wedding favors are an easy way to continue with your theme and remind your guests of the wonderful experience they had while at your wedding. 
  3. Entertainment- Whether your wedding night involves music or a magic show, your entertainment selection makes an impression and impacts the execution of your theme. You'll want to choose songs that mesh well lyrically with your overall vision. If you have nothing else planned, you might also try to infuse a second form of entertainment that is applicable to your theme. 
  4. Your Send Off- The way you and your new spouse exit the wedding festivities should be truly memorable and reflect your wedding theme. For example, if you have a romantic, fairy tale-themed wedding consider a horse drawn carriage escape. If your theme involves superheroes, spice up your wedding attire with some makeshift capes as you leave the premises. Your exit will be the last thing people see, so make an impression that will last!

Overall, planning a themed wedding can be a ton of fun. It's no longer taboo to showcase your personality in a wild themed way, so consider whether a themed wedding would work well for you. You'll enjoy creating a fun atmosphere for your guests that tells your story and displays your unique personality. Enjoy!